You deserve to be stress-free and self-care can be the answer. 

What has been causing your stress? The stress doesn’t just go away, but we can learn to cope and metabolize it with consistent self-care.

The word “self-care” is often times over-used and used incorrectly. Let’s begin with a simple definition.



1. The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

1.1 The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

While I believe in maintaining your health and wellness, I do not believe in constant spoiling and pampering. That would be self-indulgent and self-care is anything but selfish. My main goal is to help you create rituals that can take root in your life. These practices can become essential to your allover wellbeing.

I also believe that self-care has to be right for you. Your routine may be unique to your situation. The best way to determine which areas to focus, are to seek out ways to maintain balance. Look below at the main topics below and decide which parts of your wellbeing have been lacking?

You deserve to be stress-free and self-care can be the answer. 


Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I consider basic human functions a luxury from lack of time?
    • taking a shower
    • sleeping
  • Do I experience small discomforts I accept as normal because they’ve gone on for so long?

Small steps to take

1. Chew your food slowly.

2. Make your home care routine a luxury. Invest in products that excite you, include a jade roller or gua sha tool.

3. Find healthy food that you can actually crave: Smoothie bowls with fresh fruit or spicy roasted veggies.

4. Make exercise an activity you can enjoy. Hike a trail or walk in a lovely park.

5. Consult a professional for health issues you can’t explain: Esthetician, Acupuncturist, Naturopath, or Herbalist.

6. Get the water your body needs to function properly: Add fruit and herbs to increase benefits or encourage your to drink more or buy a reusable water bottle in your favorite color/ design to track and encourage yourself.


Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I often allow my emotion to run the show?
  • Am I experiencing joy often?

Small steps to take.

7. Take time to be alone- not just taking a shower by yourself: Ask for the support to spend a short while alone doing something you love or find the courage to spend your “you time” doing nothing (if that’s what you truly need).

8. Allow yourself to be curious.

9. Do activities to cultivate your creativity: Paint, draw or sing.

10. Check hormonal balance and emotional well-being: Acupuncturist, Hormone specialist, Herbalist or Talk Therapist.

You deserve to be stress-free and self-care can be the answer. 


Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I experience life fully expressed?
  • Do I feel connected?
    • Community
    • Family
    • Friends
    • My body
    • The planet

Small steps to take

11. Practice meditation: Use a meditating app like Calm or Stop, Breath & Think; Find YouTube videos to guide; or, take deep breaths starting with 30 seconds a day and slowly increasing time each day.

12. Live with intention: Plan ahead or journal about your day.

13. Exercise your right to chose: Listen to your gut or own your decisions.

14. Find ways to experience nature: Walking barefoot in the dirt or forest bathing.

15. Reach out to a friend in a new way: write a letter or purchase a gift outside of an occasion.

You deserve to be stress-free and self-care can be the answer. 

Always in progress…

Self-care is not a one and done, it’s an dynamic process. What you need now, is not necessarily what you’ll need on 6 months or a year. Give yourself grace and listen to your body. The categories/ questions above are just the beginning, a jumping off place to inspire deeper self-care. These small steps can develop into a lifelong love for yourself. You deserve to be stress-free and self-care can be the answer.


You can do this.


What areas are you pursuing self-care in right now?



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