About Me

Hi, I’m Victoria. 



Owner & Esthetician

I’m an Esthetician, Mama to two sweet boys and an Arizona small business owner. I’m in love with yoga, the Phoenix landscape and all things self-care. I create safe spaces through gentle skin care and natural products coming soon!

Most of my life I believed that my choices were in no way connected to how my body functioned as a whole. It wasn’t until I attended the Aveda Institute, and started to learn about plant-based ingredients, that I became obsessed with ingredient research. I would pour over ingredients lists on bottles and jot down in my journal the ways that nature can help (or to my surprise, hurt) our skin. After graduation, working doing makeup artistry and corporate esthetics pulled me away from that passion as I realized most people were looking for a quick way to look younger and better. Still, in my spare time I would still research the products I was being asked to use in my treatments, and the ingredients would scare me much more than excite me.

Then I got pregnant. 

pregnancy and skin care

Realizing what I could be putting on my hands and on the faces of others could be harmful I stepped away from that world with a new challenge to face.

Giving birth to 7lb 12oz of raw joy everything changed.

Looking into the wide eyes of my outdoor-loving little boy I began to embrace wellness in all it’s shapes. I realized everything nature had to offer through the pure curiosity and wonder my little one showed just staring at some bugs crawling across the ground. I experienced how good my body could feel when it was nourished with fresh fruits and vegetables. I savored the moments I watched the world whiz by as I looked across the Phoenix valley from the top of a mountain I had hiked. Most importantly, I learned that listening to my body meant that I could tune into what I needed.

After having these experiences, I couldn’t wait to share them with everyone.

Opening Touch of Radiance was a way for me to create something different. A gentle environment for Mommas and women in all different stages of life to experience naturally effective skin care and customized care.  

I designed gentle treatments that help to embrace each person’s unique and ever-changing skin. These facial treatments always consider you as a whole human being and not just the issues you may be facing that day. Relaxation is the number one goal in mind and that’s why each treatment is a head-to-toe experience that helps support the skin’s natural ability to heal and flourish!

I truly believe that you should never have to worry about what you are putting on your skin at home or how your skin is being treated during a skin treatment. 

That’s why I designed a natural product line with effective plant-based ingredients (coming soon) that are:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding (and let’s be honest) EVERYONE safe!
  • Gentle
  • Made in Arizona
  • Mama Approved
  • Designed with YOU in mind

pregnancy and skin care

My journey as a Mama continues as I gave birth to our newest addition in November. If there’s one thing I know to be true it’s that taking care of yourself while trying to be an awesome Mom is hard, sometimes it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. Let me say though, that I am a better mother, wife and human being when I invest in my own care.

Join me on this journey to self aware self-care!