You deserve to be stress-free and self-care can be the answer. 

What has been causing your stress? The stress doesn’t just go away, but we can learn to cope and metabolize it with consistent self-care. The word “self-care” is often times over-used and used incorrectly. Let’s begin with a simple definition. self-care: NOUN 1. The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. […]

During this treatment a flat stone or porcelain spoon is used to oxygenate the skin with gentle sweeping motions. The lifting techniques help to tighten skin by stimulating collagen production while the detoxifying movements will clear the complexion and smooth texture.

Often times high exertion, embarrassing situations or extreme temperatures have a similar affect on our skin: increased circulation. While rosy cheeks may not seem like a skin care treatment, I’d like to shed some light on this under appreciated physical reaction. What causes poor circulation? Some common culprits of poor circulation are stress, stagnanation or […]

It can be incredibly frustrating if you're dealing with regular breakouts. Plus, attempting strong active acne ingredients can cause other irritations such as redness, dryness and sensitivity. I truly believe the only way to completely find peace with your skin is to discover what is causing your breakouts. This can be a difficult endeavor, but here are some starting points to see if you can assess the issue at home.

I have acne-prone skin. What this means for me, is that I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to find out what is causing my breakouts. The smallest things can make my skin get those frustrating bumps that lead to uneven tone, inflammation and discomfort. As an esthetician, I’ve helped many clients discover the […]

Friends, does this sound familiar? Looking in the mirror, my eyes go straight to my imperfections. I pull faces at every spot and impurity. The comparison song is running on repeat in my head. It takes everything inside of me not to scratch at every bump, scrub at every textured spot and pile on loads […]

I'm talking about what your life would look like without believing the lie that you are alone. Motherhood can get lonely. That overwhelm can come on quickly, and because most women are nurturers, we start to believe we can handle everything. Worst yet, we believe we can be everything for everyone.

My husband and I got married young. We spent almost six years together before having our first little boy. It wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I felt the conflict that eventually led me to you. A fire was lit in my heart to bring safe and effective skin care to Mamas, but I struggled […]

I believe you want to take care of yourself. Use this three step process. Learn what is important for you. Then embrace that intention. Cut out the toxic and the distraction. Value the important things enough to create the ritual, find the support and set it into motion.

Often in the morning, I never hear an alarm clock. Before it can even go off I have a newborn crying for my attention, a toddler asking for food and a house in disarray. “Being busy” can be overwhelming. I can easily be taken over by everything (and everyone) pulling my attention in several directions. […]

Self-care is more pure joy, more grace for yourself and mindfulness. It is preventative. What are we preventing? That icky state we fall into when our lives no long feel intentional, illness and being worn thin

We can all agree that a spa day once a month and getting our nails done sounds lovely. But, how much of “spoiling ourselves” is true to the concept of self-care? I’d like to share one of my recent experiences. Postpartum has brought a great deal of change to my life, as it should. We […]

I have always been on the hunt for the right skincare products. Even before becoming an Esthetician, I looked for that one product that would make all my skin issues vanish and make my skin glow. After years of learning about skin and ingredients, I’ve narrowed down four tips for choosing the right skincare products. […]

  The sun’s peeking through my blinds and my toddler’s already asking for, “three manananasss pleaseeee,” as I emerge from my bed. While my newborn coos and stretches, I follow suit. Before my coffee, before checking my phone, I’m off to the bathroom to wash my face. It hasn’t always been this way. With everything/ […]

Prior to studying esthetics, I had no idea what a facial included. Searching through Pinterest, it’s easy to think you could simply create an at home facial for yourself. Do it yourself (DIY) masks, tips and tricks all flood the search results. To begin, there is a big difference between a full facial treatment and […]