The sun’s peeking through my blinds and my toddler’s already asking for, “three manananasss pleaseeee,” as I emerge from my bed. While my newborn coos and stretches, I follow suit. Before my coffee, before checking my phone, I’m off to the bathroom to wash my face. It hasn’t always been this way. With everything/ […]

Prior to studying esthetics, I had no idea what a facial included. Searching through Pinterest, it’s easy to think you could simply create an at home facial for yourself. Do it yourself (DIY) masks, tips and tricks all flood the search results. To begin, there is a big difference between a full facial treatment and […]

I would spend every weekend at the beach.

For the first few years of my marriage, I lived on Curacao. Curacao is a small island in the mediterranean off of the north coast of Venezuela. I would spend every weekend at the beach. Laying by the blue water out on the white sand it was easy to forget to re-apply my sunscreen. Regretfully, […]

Within 30 minutes after jojoba oil is applied skin's elasticity increases 37%

As kids, my brother and I would pull funny faces at one another. My Nana use to say, “if you make that funny face, the wind might change, and then it will get stuck that way!” It’s easy to start to wonder as we age, how to make our face stay the same as long […]

Furthermore, supporting your skin's ability to process these ingredients with gentle encouraging products is key. If you are experiencing discomfort caused by products, you should it to be considered a red flag. In short, pain can be your skin's way of warning you to steer clear.

During my time as an esthetician, I have heard a great many fears and misconceptions concerning facials. My hope is that this post can shine some light and share information to help you figure out if our skincare treatments are right for you. These treatments I have designed, will suit your needs free from unnatural […]

  “You’re Glowing!” the words I wished anyone would say to me. The only glow that I experienced was that thin layer of sweat that covered my whole body and let’s be honest, I could hardly reach all of the parts of my body. That layer of sweat was accompanied by topical oiliness resulting in […]

What if I told you that this one product could fix a number of skin issues for you? What if it meant clear and hydrated skin? Friends, let me walk you through my 5 favorite benefits of toners to clear up the confusion and make you into a believer!

What are the benefits of using a facial toner? Is this just water, how effective can it be? Don’t all toners smell like nail polish remover?  I just pour witch hazel all over my face and that will accomplish the same goal, yes? Toners just dry out your skin! Must be another skin care product […]