Not every natural product is gentle. Here's a quick list of ingredients to avoid when experiencing irritated skin such as unexplainable redness/ breakouts. motherhood pregnancy womanhood natural gentle breastfeeding safe holistic skincare facials esthetician skincare products phoenix arizona

What’s irritating my skin? It can be frustrating when you feel like you cannot explain your skin issues. You may be eating right, getting all the water and doing your daily skincare routine religiously only to maintain irritated skin. There are a ton of ingredients present in products (natural ones included) that can be irritating […]

Show up for yourself every day and tell yourself what you need to hear for stress relief, radical self love and allover wellness. pregnancy motherhood self-care mom tribe natural skincare facials phoenix arizona

Are you a words of affirmation person? I’ve found that this is one of my essential love languages. How does that relate to self-care? As someone who truly believes that rituals can cultivate powerful self-love and build self esteem, mirror work utilizing self created affirmations can be incredibly powerful and it only takes as little […]

I have three simple and quick suggestions for you that will help make your eyes pop to help you remember you're worth looking at! Motherhood Phoenix Arizona pregnancy safe natural skincare facials lash artist classic lashes

My teenage years were filled with hours playing with eye makeup in front of the mirror. It was when I found myself in motherhood, four years ago that it all just became too much, I’m too tired, too busy, have too many kids hanging on me to spend time putting on makeup. But, I love […]

Get out of your head and into your body to be more present. Holistic Esthetician Victoria Bridgford offers four actionable ways to reconnect with your body. phoenix arizona facials skincare natural pregnancy breastfeeding safe effective

Did I pack enough snacks for the playdate? I wish I would have handled that conversation with my partner better. I wonder if my kids will grow up be well adjusted. Picture yourself moving through your day tackling each issue as it comes, free from dwelling on past events or worrying about what tomorrow holds. […]

Holistic Esthetician Victoria Bridgford shares benfits, step-by-step face washing ritual and common myths about cleansing motherhood pregnancy breastfeeding safe phoenix arizona

    Cleansing is an essential part of any skincare routine, but how do you do it effectively? I’m all about using my products effectively so you can get the more out of every purchase. Moreover, here’s the steps you can take to turn a quick drive by wash into a full on cleansing ritual […]

motherhood pregnancy nontoxic safe natural skincare beauty phoenix arizona local small business phoenix arizona

  Have you ever dished out over a hundred dollars for a facial at a nice spa or resort only to see no or negative results? Sure it may have been relaxing, but there were no changes with your skin. Let’s talk about why I believe facials don’t work. I myself am an esthetician. I […]

serum vitamin c papaya clean beauty motherhood pregnancy breastfeeding safe gently skincare

You should know, I am a true believer in getting your money’s worth. I was raised on using everything you could every way you could. I’ve brought that same concept to my skincare line. That is why I consider my Papaya + Vitamin C Serum to be a multi-use product. Keep reading below to read […]

My favorite non-toxic concealers that won't compromise the health of your skin.

Non-toxic Makeup Series Concealers are created to hide imperfections and even the appearance of skin tone. While I think you look perfect with no makeup at all, I can understand that you don’t want a rogue pimple or a broken capillary to be the center of attention on your face. Enter my favorite non-toxic concealers […]

I hope you enjoy these nontoxic eye makeup products that are filled with rich botanical ingredients.

Non-toxic makeup series: part 4 Eye products The non-toxic eye products in this post are broken down into categories: eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and brow products. Eye products definitely have a learning curve, but I’ve provided recommendations that can accommodate different experience levels and really only one that requires a bit of practice (liquid liner). I […]

All of these natural cheek products are made with non-toxic ingredient to add the perfect hint of color or reflection no matter the look.

Non-toxic makeup series: part 3 Cheek products Cheek products are those little accents that can either finish off a whole look or be worn alone to enhance a dewy natural look. The non-toxic cheek products I found are broken down into blush, bronzer and highlighter. While they may not always be applied to the cheek […]