There are numerous rituals throughout my skin care treatments. Two of my all-time favorites are the practices that bring the heat! What am I referring to specifically? Using the steamer and hot towels! Now these two procedures can seem basic, but are integral to guarantee you get the most sublime facial experience.


If you’ve never had a facial before this contraption can look a little intimidating but, it has the potential to make a huge difference for your skin. In case you aren’t familiar, the steamer is a machine that heats distilled water and then releases steam out of a nozzle. After a mask is applied, I use the steamer to help open pores and stimulate your skin’s circulation. Opening your pores can help the mask ingredients to be more effective and to help loosen debris that may be causing break-outs or pore congestion. The increase in circulation helps to nourish your skin cells and promote good collagen production that in turn strengthens your skin leaving it more supple and resilient. The steam’s intensity can be adjusted to your comfort and will only remain on your face for around 10 minutes depending on your skin’s needs. The steam can also help to relieve congested sinuses and soften skin.

Hot Towels

This ritual often times gets omitted in many spas’ facial treatments. I’ve found it is a client favorite, and therefore every treatment I offer gets at least six hot towels. The hot towel removes cleanser, masks and help to gently exfoliate the skin. This exfoliation can provide smoother, more even texture to the skin and clear away dead skin cells evening tone. However, I believe it is much more than just a removal tool! The warmth of the towel provides all the skin benefits of the steamer with the added perk of pressure. Every hot towel application allows a chance for me to focus on facial pressure points to relieve tension and detox the skin by encouraging lymphatic flow. Our Foot Scrub Add-on even includes hot towels on the feet to soften hardened soles.

I hope you can now see why these practices are essential to your skin and your relaxation!