Self massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve tension in your face, neck and shoulders. I created a rich plant oil to step up your self-care game and put together a facial massage routine to help you build an at home ritual. Look below to watch the routine and learn more about […]

Here are a few simple tricks to help you establish a skincare routine to make it as easy on yourself to get happy healthy skin! pregnancy breastfeeding facials phoenix arizona skincare products natural safe

The road from purchasing a skincare product to establishing a full routine or ritual can be challenging. Who has the time to apply several different products to maintain ever changing skin? The true is that the skin does not need a lot to be happy. Truly listening to your skin is key to finding balance […]

Your skin has been through a great deal during the hot season. eplenish dull skin and detox for clear skin with these three at home skin refreshing ideas. phoenix facials skincare natural gentle small business arizona motherhood pregnancy

Feeling less than fresh lately? As summer comes to a close, it’s easy to recognize that our skin has been through a great deal during the hot season. From days out in the sun, to travel and sticky heat that clogs our pores, our skin is ready for a refresher. Let’s replenish dull skin and […]

Skin becomes textured and rough over time. Balance between exfoliation and moisture is essential to accomplish silky smooth softness. facials phoenix arizona pregnancy motherhood breastfeeding safe natural skincare

Balance I believe that everything in the body is looking to maintain balance. The same can be said for obtaining smooth soft skin! Over time, skin becomes textured and rough from build up of dead skin cells and dryness. Balance between exfoliation and moisture is essential to accomplish that silky smooth softness. Visual learner? Watch […]

How do you know if you need a facial? There are so many wonderful benefits, but use this as a guide to know when to come in for a treatment! womanhood motherhood pregnancy breastfeeding safe gently skincare natural facial phoenix arizona

I’ve had so much clients come to me and say “I didn’t even know I needed a facial!” Getting a facial can offer your skin so many wonderful benefits, but how do you know if you need one? In this post, I breakdown all of the reasons you may need a facial. Visual learner? Hop […]

I want to give you some small ways you can shift in your skincare routine to make it more effective! womanhood motherhood skincare natural gentle effective phoenix arizona mothers moms breastfeeding pregnancy facials

So, you’ve been doing your skincare routine. Hooray! No matter where you are in your life, this is an incredible foundation you’re building towards healthier skin.**Cue my happy dance** Every morning and every night you show up for your skin with a few steps to keep your glow in check. Are you getting the most […]

My skin absolutely reflects the shift in seasons and so I'm here with four summer skincare tips to keep you glowing through these next few months. motherhood pregnancy breastfeeding safe skincare natural holistic phoenix arizona wellness pinterest

As an Esthetician, I cringe a little bit when summer comes around. I may even live in denial for a while, but when the 100 degree temps show up (here in Phoenix) I realize I cannot avoid it any longer. Are you sweating and melting as much as I am? My skin absolutely reflects the […]

Show up for yourself every day and tell yourself what you need to hear for stress relief, radical self love and allover wellness. pregnancy motherhood self-care mom tribe natural skincare facials phoenix arizona

Are you a words of affirmation person? I’ve found that this is one of my essential love languages. How does that relate to self-care? As someone who truly believes that rituals can cultivate powerful self-love and build self esteem, mirror work utilizing self created affirmations can be incredibly powerful and it only takes as little […]

I have three simple and quick suggestions for you that will help make your eyes pop to help you remember you're worth looking at! Motherhood Phoenix Arizona pregnancy safe natural skincare facials lash artist classic lashes

My teenage years were filled with hours playing with eye makeup in front of the mirror. It was when I found myself in motherhood, four years ago that it all just became too much, I’m too tired, too busy, have too many kids hanging on me to spend time putting on makeup. But, I love […]

Get out of your head and into your body to be more present. Holistic Esthetician Victoria Bridgford offers four actionable ways to reconnect with your body. phoenix arizona facials skincare natural pregnancy breastfeeding safe effective

Did I pack enough snacks for the playdate? I wish I would have handled that conversation with my partner better. I wonder if my kids will grow up be well adjusted. Picture yourself moving through your day tackling each issue as it comes, free from dwelling on past events or worrying about what tomorrow holds. […]