We all know that tight feeling. All of a sudden the skin looks like the desert we call our home. When untreated dry skin starts to get textured, flaky, red and can even crack and bleed. There are so many causes like using your heater and the dry winter weather pulling away all of your […]

Let's make this seasonal change your best one yet, for happier healthier skin. Here are steps you can take to help your skin through these seasonal shifts. motherhood pregnancy breastfeeding facials phoenix arizona natural safe effective gentle skin treatments

It’s true that change can be both exiting and hard to grasp. Instead of approaching the changes that are about to happen to your skin as a vague, big upsetting concept- I’ve created some steps you can take to help your skin through these shifts. Visual learner? Here’s a breakdown of this blog post on […]

Every skin issue or spot is caused by an imbalance. Here are some common imbalances and steps you can take to correct them. motherhood pregnancy breastfeeding safe skincare facials phoenix arizona

When skin is balanced it glows, has an even tone and smooth texture. Every skin issue or spot is caused by an imbalance. These imbalances can be internal or caused by an outside irritant. Here are some common imbalances and steps you can take to correct them. Visual learner? Check out the break down of […]

These are simple daily habits or shifts that can be tweaked for clearer skin. Are you doing any of these things that could be causing mysterious breakouts? motherhood pregnancy phoenix arizona facials natural skincare gentle breastfeeding

Last week’s blog post talked about ingredients that can be irritating your skin. This week, I’m moving into irritating touch factors that can cause breakouts. These are simple daily habits or shifts that can be tweaked for clearer skin. Usually these types of breakouts seem random and unexplainable. Are you doing any of these things […]

Not every natural product is gentle. Here's a quick list of ingredients to avoid when experiencing irritated skin such as unexplainable redness/ breakouts. motherhood pregnancy womanhood natural gentle breastfeeding safe holistic skincare facials esthetician skincare products phoenix arizona

What’s irritating my skin? It can be frustrating when you feel like you cannot explain your skin issues. You may be eating right, getting all the water and doing your daily skincare routine religiously only to maintain irritated skin. There are a ton of ingredients present in products (natural ones included) that can be irritating […]

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  Have you ever dished out over a hundred dollars for a facial at a nice spa or resort only to see no or negative results? Sure it may have been relaxing, but there were no changes with your skin. Let’s talk about why I believe facials don’t work. I myself am an esthetician. I […]

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You should know, I am a true believer in getting your money’s worth. I was raised on using everything you could every way you could. I’ve brought that same concept to my skincare line. That is why I consider my Papaya + Vitamin C Serum to be a multi-use product. Keep reading below to read […]

During this treatment a flat stone or porcelain spoon is used to oxygenate the skin with gentle sweeping motions. The lifting techniques help to tighten skin by stimulating collagen production while the detoxifying movements will clear the complexion and smooth texture.

Often times high exertion, embarrassing situations or extreme temperatures have a similar affect on our skin: increased circulation. While rosy cheeks may not seem like a skin care treatment, I’d like to shed some light on this under appreciated physical reaction. What causes poor circulation? Some common culprits of poor circulation are stress, stagnanation or […]

It can be incredibly frustrating if you're dealing with regular breakouts. Plus, attempting strong active acne ingredients can cause other irritations such as redness, dryness and sensitivity. I truly believe the only way to completely find peace with your skin is to discover what is causing your breakouts. This can be a difficult endeavor, but here are some starting points to see if you can assess the issue at home.

I have acne-prone skin. What this means for me, is that I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to find out what is causing my breakouts. The smallest things can make my skin get those frustrating bumps that lead to uneven tone, inflammation and discomfort. As an esthetician, I’ve helped many clients discover the […]

Friends, does this sound familiar? Looking in the mirror, my eyes go straight to my imperfections. I pull faces at every spot and impurity. The comparison song is running on repeat in my head. It takes everything inside of me not to scratch at every bump, scrub at every textured spot and pile on loads […]