Friends, does this sound familiar? Looking in the mirror, my eyes go straight to my imperfections. I pull faces at every spot and impurity. The comparison song is running on repeat in my head. It takes everything inside of me not to scratch at every bump, scrub at every textured spot and pile on loads […]

I have always been on the hunt for the right skincare products. Even before becoming an Esthetician, I looked for that one product that would make all my skin issues vanish and make my skin glow. After years of learning about skin and ingredients, I’ve narrowed down four tips for choosing the right skincare products. […]

Prior to studying esthetics, I had no idea what a facial included. Searching through Pinterest, it’s easy to think you could simply create an at home facial for yourself. Do it yourself (DIY) masks, tips and tricks all flood the search results. To begin, there is a big difference between a full facial treatment and […]

Furthermore, supporting your skin's ability to process these ingredients with gentle encouraging products is key. If you are experiencing discomfort caused by products, you should it to be considered a red flag. In short, pain can be your skin's way of warning you to steer clear.

During my time as an esthetician, I have heard a great many fears and misconceptions concerning facials. My hope is that this post can shine some light and share information to help you figure out if our skincare treatments are right for you. These treatments I have designed, will suit your needs free from unnatural […]