“You’re Glowing!” the words I wished anyone would say to me. The only glow that I experienced was that thin layer of sweat that covered my whole body and let’s be honest, I could hardly reach all of the parts of my body. That layer of sweat was accompanied by topical oiliness resulting in […]

What if I told you that this one product could fix a number of skin issues for you? What if it meant clear and hydrated skin? Friends, let me walk you through my 5 favorite benefits of toners to clear up the confusion and make you into a believer!

What are the benefits of using a facial toner? Is this just water, how effective can it be? Don’t all toners smell like nail polish remover?  I just pour witch hazel all over my face and that will accomplish the same goal, yes? Toners just dry out your skin! Must be another skin care product […]

A compromised barrier function can manifest in many ways. You could be experiencing dryness, itchiness, texture, flaking, inflammation, surface oiliness or an increase in breakouts.

  “It’s a dry heat!” We’ve all heard that before, but even living in a desert we can forget that dry, tight and itchy skin isn’t normal. Often times, I find myself blaming my dry skin on the weather change or Phoenix in general. Most everyone’s reaction to dry skin is a great deal of […]

little known ways GRAPEFRUIT helps your skin

I have many memories of the time I would spend at my grandparents home as a child. I remember setting food out for the squirrels and watching them climb up onto the window sill, hiding under the staircase and putting coins in my grandfather’s giant green glass bottle and sitting on the laminate countertop watching […]

green tea has a generous range of enhancements to improve the skin. Each one of green tea's amazing skin benefits seems to lead into the next. Here's the top six ways this powerhouse ingredient can transform your skin.

In most countries you would be offered tea as a greeting gesture. In fact, it is the most enjoyed drink worldwide, only second to water. Countries like India and China have grown and prepared tea for centuries. I grew up in a British and Chinese household, so tea was always the drink of choice. It […]

Three ways cucumber can heal your skin

Biting into a crisp cucumber you can taste the freshness. The juicy cucumber is rich with refreshing water and can add the perfect flavor to encourage you to hydrate throughout your day! Dehydration can definitely make matters worse if you already suffer from dry skin, so let’s talk hydration first. Why is hydration important for […]