Let me introduce you all to Maribeth! She has been a midwife for 16 years and during that time has welcomed about 1,250 babies into this world with her hands (including 13 sets of twins)! Maribeth lived in Southeast Asia for two year and is a ‘single mom by choice’ which in her own words has been the hardest and best thing she’s even done. Favorite hobbies include coloring and Legos.

Maribeth has had two Custom Radiance Facials and agreed to share details of her experience on the Touch of Radiance table.

Had you ever had a facial before and what expectations did you have going into this treatment?
I have had facials before and have always enjoyed them, though I have occasionally found them uncomfortable.  My expectation was that it would be a similar experience to past facials.

What was your favorite part of the facial and why?
But it was WAY better than other facials, the best!  My favorite part was that it was gentle but therapeutic, and had surprise hand/foot/etc. mini massages built in!  Victoria also just radiates calm, and that let me go into the “zone” – not talking, just pure relaxation.  Afterwards I am so refreshed and relaxed.

Did any part of the treatment surprise you?
That the treatment was about more than just my face.  Massage, as above, but also a whole sensory experience with warmth, essential oils, etc.  Bliss.

How was your skin affected by the facial?
It was so soft for days!

Was this a good experience and would you get another treatment in the future?
Absolutely, and soon!  I have also gifted Victoria’s facials to my mom, brother and dad.  My mom and brother have already been and they both loved it too!