Herbal Facial Steaming: Calm


To help with irritated skin.

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Facial steaming helps to encourage good circulation and detoxify skin. These Herbal Facial Steaming packets contain skin benefiting properties to calm irritated skin. For external use only. Set of five .3 oz packets. Try all five herbal blends with the Variety Pack.

To use:

  • Pour 4 cups of boiling water over one herbal steam bundle.
  • Allow to steep for a few minutes keeping the bowl covered.
  • Keep cleansed face at least 8 inches from the water and cover head like a tent with a towel over the bowl.
  • Should feel soothing and not too hot. Allow water to cool a little if too intense.
  • Steam for 5-10 minutes.
  • Follow by rinsing with cool water and using a facial mask or Chamomile + Tea tree Toning Mist. 


Organic lavender flowers, chamomile flowers and lavender essential oil.


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