Have you ever had a facial treatment before? I think it’s important that you know what to expect. My number one goal is to provide a relaxing, safe environment to refresh your skin. Let me share what you can expect when coming to receive a Touch of Radiance skin treatment.

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The Custom Radiance Facial is tailored to each guest’s skin care needs. From beginning to end this treatment is a full body experience. Let the foot bath, steam and hot towels melt away stress. All of the treatment options will help to nourish and maintain healthy skin. Your facial plan will include two of the treatments below:

  • Clarifying: Pores are decongested and breakouts relieved during this treatment by drawing out excess oil, toxins and impurities. Redness reducing properties paired with strong antioxidants begin to heal damaged or acne affected skin.
  • Exfoliating: Natural exfoliants will gently massage away dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Experience powerful brightening and softening effects from this rich treatment mask. Mechanical exfoliation helps to refresh and renew dull or uneven skin.
  • Moisturizing: This deeply moisturizing treatment contains nutrient-rich oils paired with gentle buffing agents to reduce flaking and create a barrier to protect against water loss. Strong age defying ingredient help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Each treatment is fragrance free and will be boosted with skin benefiting aromas. This treatment includes face, décolleté, hand/ forearm and foot massage to help you unwind. Gentle extraction are key to clear skin without causing damage and the pressure is adjusted to your comfort. Every facial receives follow-up information including: a review of the treatment you received, recommendations for home care and a future treatment plan.


Experience half an hour of skin rejuvenating ingredients and relaxing techniques to help your skin glow. This facial includes a deep cleanse, hot towels, treatment mask, consultation, skin analysis and facial massage. Come, relax and give your face what it needs!


Have you had a baby in the past year? Feeling exhausted? This facial is a head-to-toe treatment to help you feel like you’ve had a full night’s sleep! This treatment includes an exfoliation, deep moisture and eye treatment (to bid farewell to dark circles). From a hot foot bath to face, hand and foot massage you’re whole body will thank you. Give yourself a break and give your skin the renewing time it deserves!


Brighten and even skin tone with this targeted treatment. This facial includes all of the features of a Custom Radiance Facial with an added brightening mechanical exfoliating, concentrated botanicals that help stop overproduction of melanin in its tracks, a strong antioxidant oil mask, and a treatment serum focused on evening tone. This facial stimulates cell turnover, reduces redness and lightens hyper pigmentation. There is a scalp massage and all of the included massage is lengthened for added relaxation.


Dry skin has met its match with this focused moisturizing treatment facial. This treatment includes all of the features of a Custom Radiance facial with an added mechanical exfoliation to buff away flaking skin, an anti-inflammatory concentrated mask and a cooling sheet mask with jade roller pressure to help product penetrate and increase circulation. This treatment targets dry skin, redness, uneven texture, and tightness. There is a scalp massage and all of the included massage is lengthened for added relaxation.

natural holistic gentle facial treatment


This add-on treatment helps to reduce dark circles by encouraging good circulation. A cooling eye mask and hot compresses moisturize this delicate eye area and strengthens the connective tissue. After a lymphatic massage to relieve puffiness, the brighten eye cream is massaged into this skin using pressure points and a cool jade roller locks in the product.


Soften hardened soles with this relaxing foot scrub. Clear away dead skin with pineapple enzymes and a sugar scrub. Skin is deeply moisturized and redness is reduced with aloe and lavender essential water. Feel relief from aching feet with a relaxing foot massage and lock in hydration with a rich foot and leg lotion.

These services are designed to be refreshing treatments that encourage you to embrace your skin, learn what’s in the products you use and promote self-care.

All of the products used and techniques performed are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. Our products are all natural, gluten sensitive, plant-based and locally made.

breastfeeding safe facial treatment